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Stephanie Colman, M.A.

Stephanie Colman

About the Instructor

Stephanie Colman, M.A. has been an instructor with J9's K9s for nearly 15 years! She blends proven training skills with humor and creativity, and is responsible for many of our innovative classes such as the Dog Training Flash Mob and the Dog Training Scavenger Hunt. She also conceptualized and created Camp Waggin' Tails, a weekend training adventure offered along the Central California coast and in Big Bear Lake. Stephanie was the featured trainer for KNBC's "Dog Bites" training tips series, and she and her previous dogs can be seen in "The Original Dog Whisperer DVD" with Paul Owens. She has successfully competed in more than seven different dog sports, earning dozens of titles to date. Her current dog is an adopted Golden Retriever named "Saber,"" a career-change Search and Rescue (SAR) dog. She is also a regular contributor to The Whole Dog Journal, and many other well-known publications. She has been teaching classes at Pet-i-tude since 2003. Email: stephanie@j9sk9s.com.

About the Training

J9’s K9s Dog Training uses positive reinforcement training methods. Our goal is to create dogs wholearn to enjoy working in cooperation with their owners – not dogs who learn to obey out of fear ofwhat might happen if they don’t. We do not use choke chains, pinch collars, e-collars (sometimescalled “shock collars”) or verbal/physical intimidation. We do use copious amounts of praise, petting,appropriate play and food treats, being mindful to make sure owners learn how to use food as a reward(not a “bribe”), and how to correctly wean dogs off of food rewards.

We strive to make our classes both effective and FUN, and are proud of our client retention rate. Many of our clients choose to consistently train with us over several years, as a fun way to spend timewith their dogs. Several of the now senior-age dogs in Stephanie’s Monday Night Advanced Classhave grown up and spent their entire lives actively enrolled in J9’s K9s classes. Two dogs recentlycompleted their 50th class!

J9’s K9s Dog Training offers Beginner through Advanced Obedience, Puppy Training, Agility,Tricks, Therapy Dog Preparation, Nose Work and a host of other fun specialty classes. PrivateTraining is also available to address anything from basic training to complex issues such asfears/phobias, separation anxiety and aggression. Potential students are always welcome to watch aclass prior to enrolling. (Please, no “visiting” dogs.) Contact us today and let us show you how much fun you can have with your dog!


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“Learn While You Play!”

Beginner Fun and Games Obedience Class: (For dogs 16 weeks and older.)

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Sit-Stay
  • Down-Stay
  • Greeting Humans w/ Four-on-the-Floor
  • Leave It (“Don’t put that in your mouth!”)
  • Drop It (It’s in your mouth – let go!”)
  • Polite Leash Walking
  • Coming When Called (Even when distracted!)
  • Handler Focus